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European oak lumber (German)

German lumber has one great advantage: it is wide and long, which is significant from the point of view of productivity. The lumber is available in various quality grades: A, AB, B, BC, but we know from experience – backed by years of selling German oak – that the best grade for regional manufacturers is German class B (I/II); which undoubtedly has the best quality to price ratio.
Our German oak lumber is sold in the following sizes:


- Both sides w/o defects. Possibility to procure elements over 2.5 meters long.

- Generally one side without defects (one defect per board is possible)
- small knots are permissible (up to 50mm) and small core cracks
- if more defects occur they are eliminated, but in a way that enables obtaining at least 1 element 2 meters long and 100mm wide.

- Defects on both sides are acceptable in the form of knots and cracks. The sum of knots per board cannot exceed 15cm
- If the number of defects is exceeded, they must be eliminated, but in a way that enables obtaining elements 800-2000mm long and 100mm wide. 
- insects in pale sapwood permissible, but must be reduced

- defects can occur without limits (knots, cracks, discolorations, holes made by insects)
- possible to obtain elements 400 to 800mm, but on these elements small knots and holes made by insects are not counted as defects

Measurement method – entire surface (with pale matter), on board’s finer side. In the case of thicknesses exceeding 32mm one edging.

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